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Energise and metabolise.


Re-set is a revolutionary formula that helps to boosts energy, healthy fat loss and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. A powerful combination of herbs and active ingredients to help you achieve your target weight more easily. NOW CONTAINS IODINE.


It’s like your personal trainer in the post! What’s best? The results are evident.” – The Idle Man


This helps with weight management and also boosts energy. It’s exactly what we need specially with the indulgences of the season. ” Whitney’s Wonderland


    • Re-set helps healthy fat loss and increased energy levels.
    • Helps to improve muscle tone and support athletic endurance and recovery
    • Helps you to reach your target weight more easily.
    • Compliments any healthy eating regime
    • Works particularly well with the Shape up and Re-set program

    Re-set is an exciting formulation combining potent herbs, adaptogens with iodine and chromium to help to promote healthy metabolism, support weight management and longevity.