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Clear away the last traces of the day with Nu Colour Waterproof Makeup Remover. 


This bi-phasic formula gently – yet effectively – removes waterproof and long-wear makeup from eyes and lips, while soothing the skin in those delicate areas to leave them looking and feeling smooth and soft. Its subtle power ensures you end the day with eyes and lips refreshed and makeup-free, but it’s great for the little jobs too; quick makeup changes or repairs are easy, tidying up your eyes and lips without disturbing other makeup.

Waterproof Makeup Remover

  • Why should I use it?

    • Leaves lips and eyelids looking smooth and soft.

    • Suitable for delicate areas such as eyes and lips.

    • Leaves no greasy residue.

    • Formulated fragrance-free.

    • Formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

    • Ophthalmologist tested; suitable for contact wearers.

     Good to know

    A bi-phasic formula: How does it work?

    Oil layer helps break down makeup.
    Water layer helps remove residue and leaves skin feeling refreshed.
    Shake them together to activate the formula.

    How do I use it?

    Shake well to activate the formula, and it’ll be ready to go.

    Apply the liquid to a cotton pad.

    Hold the cotton pad in place for a few seconds before gently wiping away makeup from your eyes and lips.

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