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You Can Sell Shiv Khera Free Ebook 2022




He was the youngest person to be awarded the title of Miss India in 1962. He was also a national level basketball player and an IAS officer. No self-help book is complete without the author himself writing a chapter explaining his methods, philosophy, etc. Most authors call it "the back cover". If a self-help book is not this way then it should be avoided, as it would only serve as a lie. Thus "Chapter 1" is an important part of a self-help book. Here I shall explain the subtle difference between the two and how to give "chapter 1" the right identity. But before we get into the 'Who am I' and 'How do I get what I want' part, lets get this out of the way; what is a chapter? It's a place in a book or any other form of written work. A chapter is not a complete story, it only tells the part of a story. It's like a chapter in a book is a chapter, not the whole book. So a chapter 1 can be an essential part of a self-help book, but it can also be part of a biography or an autobiography. In fact, for most books the introduction is the chapter 1, but it can also be a chapter of the story. It can even be a 'tell-all' inside the book, which can give the whole story about the person who wrote the book. A "chapter 1" can be a philosophical treatise or a short story or a letter written by an author to his friend, all of these are still "chapter 1". Coming back to the "What is a self-help book?" I will quote Wikipedia; "Self-help is a branch of psychology that deals with the study of the psychological processes that govern human behavior, and with techniques for changing that behavior". A self-help book deals with the psychological processes that govern human behavior. Since that is our theme, so we are treating the theme "How to get what we want". So the "chapter 1" of a self-help book must explain the psychological processes of getting what we want. So we must know what is psychology? How do we get what we want? To get that we need to know the answers to these questions. How do we know what we want? The simplest and easiest way to answer the question is the'self' says 'I want'. Once you know what you want you will get it. You




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You Can Sell Shiv Khera Free Ebook 2022

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