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Jihosoft File Recovery Keygen Crack




With Jihosoft File Recovery Keygen you can recover your important files from the hard drive or any other storage device. The Jihosoft File Recovery Keygen recoveries corrupt files from your computer because it is the easiest method to recover data from your computer. It supports all kinds of operating systems. The program is easy to use. From our site you will get all functions and details about the Jihosoft File Recovery Keygen.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a thin-film transistor (hereinafter referred to as “TFT”) and a method of fabricating the same, and more particularly, to a TFT capable of reducing leakage current by an electric field effect, and a method of fabricating the same. 2. Discussion of the Related Art A TFT is a device for switching an image signal of a pixel of an active matrix display apparatus and driving the display apparatus. The TFT has been developed to meet a need of a small size display device for portable equipment. A related art TFT includes a semiconductor layer formed on a substrate, and a gate insulating layer and a gate electrode formed on the semiconductor layer. Further, an interlayer dielectric layer is formed on the gate insulating layer, and a source/drain electrode connected with a source region or a drain region of the semiconductor layer is formed on the interlayer dielectric layer. Recently, thin-film transistors, which are representatively amorphous silicon TFTs, are used for switching pixels of a flat panel display apparatus such as a liquid crystal display device, a plasma display panel, and an organic light emitting device. The amorphous silicon TFT includes a semiconductor layer of amorphous silicon, and a source/drain electrode of a metal such as aluminum. However, since the amorphous silicon TFT has a high leakage current, it is difficult to apply the amorphous silicon TFT to a display apparatus requiring a low power consumption. A high temperature polysilicon TFT that has been researched as a next-generation display apparatus is high a mobility and lower an off current of the TFT, but the high temperature polysilicon TFT still has a large leakage current. A silicon TFT including crystalline silicon is investigated to reduce the leakage current of the TFT. The silicon TFT includes a semiconductor layer of a single-crystalline silicon, a



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Jihosoft File Recovery Keygen Crack
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