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Brow styles are constantly evolving, here at Mollywood we pride myself on staying upto date and regularly refreshing our training. As always the brows are tailored to the individual, age-appropriate and totally customisable

From a simple Brow Tidy through to a Brow Lamination and Everything in between

A patch test is always advised

Brows: Welcome

Brow Tidy - £12

Using strip wax to tidy and shape the brow.

Removing hairs from the centre along with the top and bottom of the brows.

This is great for maintenance on brows, natural or pre-determined shape will be followed. But if the brows need a re-style, then I would suggest a Mollywood Brow instead.

Maintenance is typically every 3-4 weeks

Mini tidy - £8

Brow treatment for Under 12’s only

Using Cream wax to shape and tidy the brow.

Removing hairs from the centre, along with above and below the brows


Mollywood brow - £30

I start the treatment by mapping out the brows to suit your facial features and desires

Precision tinting, within the mapped shape to not only tint the hairs, but stain the skin slightly, giving longer lasting results.

Strip Wax is then used to remove unwanted hairs outside the mapped shape

Tweezing any remaining unwanted hairs to define the brows. Trimming any hairs grown out of the desired map shape, gives the finishing touches

Maintenance is advised every 3-4 weeks

A patch test is always advised

Henna Brow - £40

A custom colour of Henna is mixed up to suit your skin tone and hair colour.

We start by following the Mollywood Brow technique (as above) but without the tinting stage.

Once the brows are styled to the desired shape, the Henna is then applied to the brows, I then constantly press the Henna into the skin and clean up the brows until the Henna is completely dry

Maintenance is recommended every 4-6 weeks.


Brow Lamination (Volume Brow) - £40

Another new Brow trend is the Lamination Brows, or as we call it in Mollywood - Volume Brows.

This is a chemical process, just like a lash lift, on the Brow hairs. The treatment straightens the brow hairs, then as the stylist I shape the hairs into the desired shape. Includes a Tint and Tidy.

The “Model Brow” where the brow hairs are very fluffy and spiky can be achieved by this, but my favourite is the natural looking, fuller brows I can create by using this technique.

I recommend repeating the treatment every 8 weeks, with a Tint and Tidy after 4 weeks.

A patch test is always advised

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