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Spray Tans

Here at Mollywood we only provide the best - St Tropez spray tans, available in a range of shades…

Spray Tans: Welcome

Classic - £25

Our best selling, all-time "Classic". 

A natural-looking glow is created by two coats of St Tropez Classic Tan.

Due to the "Vegetan" ingredient, as soon as the mist hits the skin it starts to develop, so no need to worry about losing any color onto your clothes post tan!

We advise leaving the tan on for a minimum of 6 hours (We sleep in ours!) and then letting the water run over the body in the shower and only washing the important bits. 

The more you moisturize, the better. By days 3-5, you should start lightly exfoliating any bits that are starting to wear off.

All hair removal should be done 24 hours pre-tan, 

Dark - £25

A personal favourite, and a hit with a lot of the Mollywood Beauty clientele.

For those who regularly tan, or want to go a step further, the Dark tan tailors itself to your individual skin tone. With a darker guide colour, that continues to develop into an intense deep bronzed tan over the next 6-8 hours. 


See our service menu or contact us to find out our full range of treatments.

Spray Tans: Services
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