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Having privately trained in Waxing, I am a specialist Female Intimate Waxer, whilst also providing Body Waxing for both Males and Females.

Waxing: Welcome

Facial Waxing

Female Lip/Chin Wax £5

Nostrils £5

Back of Neck £15

Hairline (Face & Neck) £15

Wax Mask £35


The simplest of waxes

Pants are left on and Strip wax is used to remove all hairs visible at the front from the sides and top of the pants

Strip Wax will be used for the most pain free, efficient results



All hairs removed from outside the pubic bone, tapering down towards the perineum. Hair is also removed from the crack and bum cheeks.

A combination of Hot Wax and Strip Wax may be used for the most pain free and efficient results.


Similar to a Hollywood (see below) except we leave a strip or triangle of hair on the pubic mound, to suit your desires.

Includes the perineum, crack and bum cheeks

A combination of Hot Wax and Strip Wax is used for the most efficient, pain free results.

Treatment advised every 4-6 weeks



The most popular wax, here at Mollywood!

All hairs removed from the pubic mound, labia, perineum, crack and bum cheeks. Leaving you completely intimately hair free

A combination of Hot Wax and Strip Wax will be used for the most efficient and pain free results

Treatment recommended every 4-6 weeks

Male Body Waxing

Full Legs & Feet £40

Half Leg inc Feet £30

Feet £9

Full Back, Shoulders & Neck £35

Shoulders £20

Upper Back, Shoulders & Neck £27

Lower Back £15

Full Arms inc Hands £30

Upper Arms inc Elbows £20

Forearms inc Hands & Elbows £20

Underarms £10

Hands £13

Chest & Stomach £35

Stomach £20

Chest £20

Full Body £150


Female Body Waxing

Full Legs inc Feet & Toes £30

1/2 Legs £20

Feet inc Toes £9

Underarms £13

Full Arms inc Hands £30

1/2 Arms inc Elbows & Hands £20

Hands £10

Lower Back £15

Full Back £30

Full Stomach £20

Nipples £10

Navel Line £8

Back of thighs £15

Feet only £10

Full Body £150

Waxing: Services
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