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Semi-Permanent Makeup

The "Hot Girl Hack"! 

Who wouldn't want to wake up with their Makeup already done?

Saving you time, effort, and energy, we currently offer Powder Brows and Invisablush, allowing you to wake up ready for the day!

Our best advice is to have both of these treatments with Lash Extensions and you'll barely have to touch your face when you wake up!

Semi-Permanent Makeup: Welcome
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Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo enhances your natural lips giving them definition and custom colour of your choice.

This treatment DOES NOT include Filler and can be performed on Natural or Filled Lips.

It’s a great alternative to Filler or a lot of people use it as a starting point. Lips are a very sensitve area so will naturally swell due to the treatment. Filled lips will swell more than natural lips.

Lip Tattoo defines your natural lip line, whereas Fillers can cause the natural lip pigment to disperse overtime.  

We completely map out the perfect lip, allowing us to make slight tweaks to your shape, measuring using your facial features. Then a custom colour is blended from your natural colours and the colours your aiming for.

We can go for a softer "Lip Blush" where a sheer result is achieved, or a "Satin Lip" where a fuller coverage colour is acheived

A top up is advised 6-12 weeks after the intial treatment to check the healing process and making any tweaks. 

Then maintenance is advised yearly

Brow Tattoo

The Brow Tattoo can create a brow that isn't there, fill in gaps where hairs may be missing or create a fuller looking brow. 

There is a variety of brow techniques such as Pixels and Hairstrokes which are used to create your desired look and this will be discussed in the consultation at the begining of your treatment.

Save yourself the time and effort every morning, and wake up with perfect brows every morning.

This treatment will create defined brows, perfectly mapped out to suit your face shape, with a custom colour to your skin colour and hair colour.

We advise a 6-12 Week Top-Up after the intial treatment to make any tweaks alongwith checking how they have healed. 

After that, the recommend top up is annually

Semi-Permanent Makeup: Services
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